Are you tired of giving up your evening, weekends and holidays to assure the happiness of your tenants? Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, things are never done? Whether you own 1 unit or 200, the right property management service can make a big difference to you and your family. If you have considered property management in the past, it's time to think again – BRS offers both full-service property management as well as assisting you with just the services you need. Learn more about a few of the services we offer:

    • Market Research — Do you know what the guy down the street is getting in rent? We do! We'll help you determine the best rates for your property.
    • Marketing — Getting your name out there is important. We have a number of ways to do this. We will find you the best tenants.
    • Tenant Screening — You don't want just anyone living in your biggest investment. We'll make sure you find tenants that are likely to pay on time and take care of your property.
    • Lease Services — We write water-tight leases that protect all involved parties.
    • Ongoing and Emergency Maintenance — We take care of the little things before they become big things. Plus, if your tenant has a problem, we are there for you both.

    These are just a few of the services we offer. Call or contact us to learn more!

Owner Statements Available Online

Did you know that you can now access your owner statements online?


  • Concise statements covering the performance of your property for the previous month
  • All data on your property is stored in a state-of-the-art data center
  • Access information about your property 24/7
  • Access information about your property from anywhere with an internet connection

How it Works:

In order to keep your financials secure, we use a state of the art portal system which communicates with your email.

Each time you wish to view your reports, you must visit the portal and enter in your email address. You will be emailed a single-use link where you can view your statements. This link does not have a time limit, however, it will only work once.

View Your Owner Statement

Our Technology Advantage

Our goal is to provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. Our team has invested in a complete and modern software solution, AppFolio Property Manager. We are excited to share several of the new capabilities and how they will benefit you.

  • More effectively market your properties and fill vacancies sooner. AppFolio allows us to quickly advertise vacancies online, posting to our website, and hundreds of other listing sites. Applicants can also apply right from their smartphones.
  • Price rentals right for your market and reduce vacancies. AppFolio’s built-in rental comparison tool provides actual rental rates for units similar to yours in the same geographic location. This insight allows us to maximize your revenue and fill vacancies faster.
  • Screen for the best residents. Streamlined, built in resident screening includes standard background and credit checks along with past rent payment history. Screens can be completed in minutes - enabling us to place the highest quality residents quickly.
  • You will be paid faster and more securely. New functionality provides our team the ability to deposit funds directly into your bank account. No more waiting for a check in the mail.
  • Collect rent faster with online payment options. Modern residents expect easy, online payment options. AppFolio gives residents three convenient ways to pay electronically (Cash, E-check, or with a credit card).
  • On-demand access to your statements. Owner statements are securely posted to an online Owners Portal, saving time and paper. These simple statements provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month. We can also include maintenance invoices and additional reports you request.
  • Handle property maintenance issues faster. We use AppFolio for electronic work-orders and communication with vendors so we can quickly resolve issues. At your request, we can email you a copy of the work order and relevant information giving you real-time updates.

Landlord Information

Let us manage your properties for you.

A property management company can save you time, money, aggravation, or even a lawsuit!  Our expertise can keep your properties occupied with quality tenants, thereby optimizing the landlord's profits. 
The management company handles all aspects of the property including:

1.  Marketing your property for lease

2.  Tenant screening

3.  All lease paperwork.

4.  All repairs and tenant concerns.

5.  Tenant end-of-lease move out

If you own a residential investment property and see yourself in any of the situations below, it may time to hire a management company.

  • Tenants are late with the rent.
  • You are frustrated with too many tenant phone calls.
  • You wish to remain anonymous.
  • You cannot find qualified, insured workers to do your repairs.
  • The bookkeeping is overwhelming.
  • You receive NSF checks from tenants.
  • You live out of town.
  • You inherited a rental property.
  • Your property is not generating cash flow.

Property Management Areas of Expertise

  • Property Marketing and Presentation: We can expose your property to potential tenants using websites, newspaper ads, signs, and flyers. Beyond this, we offer a turn-key package utilizing our partner company Realty Professionals, a full service real estate brokerage. We can expose your property for lease or sale better than management companies can do on their own. Visit us at www.MiRealtyPros.com . We're licensed Real Estate brokers, members of (MCAR) Michigan Consolidated Association of Realtors, (NOCBOR) North Oakland County Board of Realtors, MiRealSource and Realcomp (The two Multiple Listing Services) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and others. We are also online with all three credit reporting agencies.
  • Complete Tenant Screening: We use the most advanced methods available to find you the best possible tenants. Attracting qualified tenants using a thorough background check from credit and fico scores to rental history, employment records, eviction court and criminal records of all adults who will reside in your property. Our key to success is building strong relationships with our tenants and appropriately responding to maintenance and service requests.
  • On-Site Management and Supervision: Our goal is to make our clients' properties a successful investment for them. By offering on-site management, we can better address our clients' needs by having a trained and qualified person(s) available to handle responsibilities such as meeting with prospective tenants, conducting showings, collecting and transferring applications, Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of personal items, perform exterior spot checks and follow up with professional move-in/move-out reports and handling phone calls including after-hours emergency requests. Property management is not just leasing a property to a renter and walking away or just collecting a rent check every month. Property management is the daily maintenance of the tenant-landlord relationship. Tenant-landlord relationship is very important to renting success.
  • Maintenance: Perform routine preventative maintenance. Use controlled, supervised, well qualified and reasonably priced repairmen, thereby avoiding most emergency type repairs, which can be both costly and inconvenient and our maintenance workers can quickly ready a newly vacant unit for showings.
  • Accounting: Keeping accurate records of all income and expenses that affect your property. Then generate an easy to follow monthly management report detailing tenant rent collections, receivables and a detailed expense breakdown with copies of all paid bills and direct deposits to your bank account, insuring timely receipt of their money!
  • Insurance: We help you obtain adequate and cost effective protection against exposure to most hazards, thereby covering you, the tenant, and us for a wide range of losses caused by unintentional hazards or unsafe conditions on your property.
  • Legal Updates: Because of our experience and vigilance in attending legal seminars, we are able to stay abreast of any new laws that may affect you.

Renting FAQ

Q: What does a property management company do?

A: There are many, many functions of a property management company. Some of the most important functions to a home owner include advertising the property for lease, qualifying tenants, moving tenants in, collecting rent, paying rent to the owner, property preservation, coordination of repairs (if needed), tenant move-out, and eviction proceedings (if needed).

Q: What are your fees?

A: You don't pay anything until we have secured a qualified tenant. Once the tenants moves in, the management company retains the first months rent. Thereafter, the management fee is 9% of the monthly rent, for the duration of the lease term.

Q: Are there any up-front costs to me?

A: No, we don't have any up-front costs.

Q: How often are inspections done?

A: Typically, interior inspections are done semi-annually. However, if we have reasonable cause to inspect the property, we may do so with a 48 hour notice to tenant.

Q: Do I need to carry insurance on the property?

A: The tenant will be instructed to maintain insurance on their personal belongings, commonly known as renter's insurance. It is the owner's responsibility to maintain any structure insurance necessary.

Q: Who will pay for the water, gas and electric?

A: The tenant is responsible for all utilities. If any utility is included in association fees, such as water or garbage, that utility is then included in the rental rate.

Q: Who will handle repairs?

A: All repair issues will be directed to our office. Unless the repair is an emergency, the owner will be contacted with the requested repair and an estimate for repair. We will coordinate with the tenant to get the approved repair completed. The tenant is generally responsible for the first $50 (condo) or $100 (home) of each repair.

Q: Can I use my own repair companies?

A: Yes, provided the repair is done timely and is coordinated through our office. To effectively manage a property, it is important that we maintain a record of all repairs.

Q: What if the tenant doesn't pay their rent?

A: All rents are due on the 1st of each month, if the tenant has not paid by 15th, our BRS Property Management, INC will have already begun the eviction process.

Q: How are tenants qualified?

A: We analyze credit reports, background check reports, state eviction check reports, verify income, contact references and verify any prior landlord information available. The combined monthly income of the tenants must be approximately 3 times the monthly rental rate to qualify.

Q: Do I have to allow pets?

A: No, whether or not you allow pets is completely up to you. It is important to keep in mind that 70% of all tenants have pets. The best pet policy may be to say that pets are negotiable.

Q: What is the minimum lease term?

A: Our minimum lease term is 1 year, unless prior arrangements are made with the owner.

Q: Do I have to include appliances?

A: No, but we highly recommend appliances be included. Most properties available for lease are offered with appliances.

Q: What is the required security deposit?

A: We require a security deposit equivalent to 1½ month's rent. The security deposit is held by our company in a non-interest bearing escrow account until the tenant vacates the property.

Q: What types of maintenance is the tenant responsible for?

A: The tenant is responsible for upkeep of the property, including, lawn maintenance/snow removal, changing of furnace filters, light bulbs, cleaning of gutters, etc…

Q: Can I see the tenant information application and credit report?

A: No, that information is kept confidential with-in our office. We will provide you with as much general information as we can, but specifics have to be limited. For example, we can tell you a tenant's occupation, but not specifically where they work. We can tell you their children are elementary age but not their specific ages, etc…

Q: How long will it take to lease my property?

A: It depends on a lot of factors, time of year, monthly rental rate, condition of property and many other factors. On the whole, due to our extensive advertising, we generally are able to lease a property faster than the marketing times indicated on the MLS system.

Q: How much time do I have to approve a tenant after you present a prospect to me?

A: Usually within 24 hrs. In our experience, if too much time is wasted a qualified tenant will continue to pursue other properties and be approved elsewhere

Q: Once a tenant is approved, what happens next?

A: We will let you know if the property needs to be cleaned, and/or the carpet needs to be cleaned, if there are any repair issues that need to be resolved, etc.. We can help to coordinate any of these things as well. We will schedule a time to have the lease signed, turn over keys, and take move-in pictures. We will let you know when the lease has been signed.

Q: Can I still rent my property if I am trying to sell it?

A: Yes, but we don't recommend it. Once a lease has been signed, the lease must be honored by the buyer of the property.

Q: Do I need to file anything with the city to rent my house?

A: Some cities do require a permit be obtained. The cost is often under $100 per year, and there is often a city inspection that needs to take place. You can contact your city offices directly for instructions.

Q: How do you find tenants?

A: We do extensive advertising. We advertise on roughly 50 different websites and your home will be input into the REALTOR's Multiple Listing Services (MLS).